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Kingsbridge lies at the head of the Salcombe estuary, and is often referred to as the ‘Hub of the South Hams.’ The attractive Quayside area is lined with trees, blossoming in Spring, and is lit up all year round. The area also hosts regular markets and a Farmers market on the first Saturday each month, as well as the annual music festival, summer fair and winter extravaganza, the latter of which culminates in a stunning floodlit procession with floats up to 70ft long! For more information, continue reading the guide further down this page.

Fore Street, the towns main street, leads steeply up from the quay, and is lined with interesting, varied and often unique shops, cafes and restuarants. From Fore Street many alley ways run down to join other streets, making a mesh of shortcuts and interesting features, such as the mill leat running down the Western Backway, and Squeeze Belly Alley, leading down from the Western Backway to Mill Street, where those a little too broad may have to walk sideways!

Prior to the widespread use of cars, steamer was the only way to reach Kingsbridge, except by horse or on foot. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, many paddle steamers made frequent trips from Kingsbridge to Salcombe, and even onward to Plymouth and Dartmouth. In 1893 the railway arrived at Kingsbridge causing much celebration and a direct route to South Brent for trains to Plymouth, Exeter and further afield.

However, this pretty little branchline was closed down in the 1960s under the railway reforms, and the site of the station is now a small industrial estate. One can still see the bridge the line used on its sweep in to Kingsbridge, though, and many other features ofthe line are now being used such as Sorley Tunnel, an adventure farm, and the track also provides a beautiful walk through the Loddiswell Woods, where Loddiswell Station can be seen clearly. The railway may have gone, but the Rivermaid still makes the Kingsbidge - Salcombe ferry trip up to three times a day in summer, a delightful way to make the journey to Salcombe, or a creek cruise, visiting one of the many beautiful creeks, like Bowcombe, pictured left.

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